If you are or are soon to be a Bartender, Server, ID Checker, or anyone who handles alcohol - This program is for YOU!

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RAMP Server Seller Training helps you to:

Benefits to the licensee include:

Certification Steps:

Step One

Owner/Manager Training

In order to comply with this component, an owner and/or the PLCB approved manager must complete this training. Act 113 of 2011 requires all managers approved by the PLCB to complete this training component within 180 days of approval, unless successfully completed within the previous 2 years. Licensees may choose to complete this training online or attend a classroom training. Classroom trainings are offered by the PLCB weekly throughout the Commonwealth.

To complete online or to obtain a list of all scheduled trainings, please visit the PLCB Website at the bottom of the main page

Step Two

Server/ Seller Training

In order to fulfill this requirement, at least 50% of the entire licensee's alcohol service staff must attend. Included in that group is anyone who serves alcohol and/or checks IDs, as well as owners and managers. This percentage must be maintained at all times. Trainees are required to complete a course examination and must receive an 80% or better in order to receive credit for participating in this course.

Licensees may choose to participate in a classroom training conducted by an independent trainer who has been approved by the PLCB or participate in an online training offered by a PLCB-approved provider. May we suggest this site?

Note: Act 11 of 2011 requires all alcohol service personnel working at an off-premise catering event be RAMP server/seller trained.

Step Three

New Employee Orientation

The third component consists of orientation for all members of the alcohol service staff. The PLCB will provide the orientation form and appropriate learning materials. It is the sole responsibility of the licensee to ensure that either the owner, manager, or a designated instructor conducts the orientation. Licensees shall maintain these records for all employees during the duration of their employment.

Step Four


The fourth component consists of displaying posters or signs regarding responsible alcohol service. Appropriate signage is available from the PLCB. However, the licensee may use other signage, providing that is equivalent size, number and content of the PLCB's signage. Signage must be prominently displayed so that I can be easily observed by patrons. Licensees shall be responsible for posting and maintaining the signage at all times.

Signage shall minimally include the following information:
a. Acceptable forms of ID; and
b. Refusal of alcohol service to minors and visibly intoxicated patrons.

Step Five

Request for Certification

After completion of all four listed requirements, the fifth and final component requires the licensee to complete the affidavit request for RAMP certification. Please visit PLCB's website to complete the affidavit or contact your regional RAMP office for assistance. Licensee will receive certification providing all requirements are met.

Online Program System Requirements:

  1. Modern Web Browser (Firefox 3.6+, Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome 10+, Safari 5.1+)
  2. Broadband Internet Connection
  3. Optimal Screen Resolution of 1024x768
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Responsible Alcohol Management Program, Server/Seller Training brought to you by Capitol Bartending School. This program was developed by briskData and has the approval of the PLCB as a valid curriculum for their RAMP, server/seller training. Capitol Bartending School is not an employee of the PLCB, but is an approved online provider for the RAMP, Server/Seller course.